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Residents of Desert View Campground at Grand Canyon

My wife and I really liked the Desert View Campground at Grand Canyon National Park.  It's the first-come-first-served walk-in campground located at the far eastern end of the park and has about 50 spots that can accommodate up to a 30 foot trailer. … [Read more...]

The observer at Observation Point, Zion National Park

My buddy Dave and I reached Observation Point mid afternoon.  We had already hiked Angel's Landing and pushed hard to reach Observation Point before it got too warm, besides we had a lot more hiking to accomplish before sunset. The hike up to … [Read more...]

Photography Tips for shooting in Grand Canyon National Park

I just returned from a nice trip to Grand Canyon National Park to shoot the Summer storms.  My wife and I spent 4 days in the park chasing rains, clouds and sunsets around the east end of the South Rim.  We managed to come back with a collection of … [Read more...]

Bighorn sheep in Yellowstone National Park

I'd look this cool and collected if I were a bighorn sheep.  Their noggins are built for impact and their sure footed alpinists.  They make better mountain dwellers than we do that's for sure. My wife was 8 months pregnant with our first son who … [Read more...]

The view from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park

Ever been to Acadia National Park or stood atop Cadillac Mountain?  It's truly an amazing Park and the town of Bar Harbor instantly made my short list of favorite towns. We began our trip in central Pennsylvania heading northeast stopping in Salem … [Read more...]

Wildlife converges in Grand Teton National Park

You can stop anywhere in Grand Teton National Park and see wildlife.  It's one of the things that makes this Park so special. We had just finished lunch in Jackson and were making our way north towards Yellowstone.  I wanted to stop to snap another … [Read more...]

3 tips to get great shots in Grand Teton National Park

This may not be greatest shot ever taken along the Snake River in the Grand Teton National Park but it does represent a victory for point-and-shoot photogs like me. Light blue skies and tons of white snow accents make it hard for novices like myself … [Read more...]

Shoshone Point at Grand Canyon National Park

We got the inside scoop on Shoshone Point from one of the Park Rangers at Grand Canyon National Park.  He had suggested it after we had mentioned we were looking for easy hikes due to my injured foot.  He had said it was a flat, easy trail only about … [Read more...]

Hunting Saguaro Blooms in Saguaro National Park

This year was a big year for cactus flowers in the southwest.  All around Phoenix the cholla and prickly pear were bright with colorful blooms because of the seasonal rains.  Saguaros bloom later in the Spring than most of the smaller cacti, so as we … [Read more...]

Hiking the Narrows of Zion National Park in October

Any trip to Zion National Park ultimately leads to a stroll down the River Walk which ends at the southern terminus of The Narrows, the world's largest slot canyon. Last October, I loaded the F-150 with enough gear for a base camp in the Watchman … [Read more...]