Residents of Desert View Campground at Grand Canyon

Resident Elk at Desert View Campground

My wife and I really liked the Desert View Campground at Grand Canyon National Park.  It’s the first-come-first-served walk-in campground located at the far eastern end of the park and has about 50 spots that can accommodate up to a 30 foot trailer.  It’s typically quiet, cheaper and much less of a circus than the Mather Campground at the Grand Canyon Village.

One of the highlights of staying at Desert view was the Resident Elk that would wander through camp occasionally and munch on the trees and brush.  He was pretty relaxed and casual and a gorgeous animal.  The camp host told us he hangs out around the camp a lot and as long as no one gets too close or spooks him he’ll hang out most of the day.  The occasional car driving through the park doesn’t seem to bother him either.

We walked a few campsites down the road during one of his visits and got some pictures of him having lunch at one of the empty sites.  I used a 300mm zoom to get the shots from far enough away not to bother him.  My wife and I sat and watched him for a long time from a distance.  Luckily everyone in camp seemed to be very respectful and give this guy his space making it an awesome experience for all.  My wife also swears she saw a bobcat near the rim just outside of camp…that would have been a cool picture.

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