Land’s End – Angel’s Landing at Zion National Park

Angel's Landing hike-Zion National Park

When I mentioned I was going to be visiting Zion National Park for the first time, nearly everyone said “You HAVE to hike Angel’s Landing”.  When enough people had recommended it I did a quick online search and found pictures of the trail.  Awesome!  From the picture it appeared to be a crazy spaghetti jumble of switchbacks straight up the canyon wall.  Sounds like fun!

At Zion, my buddy and I got up early to get to Angel’s Landing.  I had heard that it can get crowded really quickly and the hike can take hours because of the number of people on the trail.  We took the first shuttle to the trailhead at the Grotto and were part of maybe 4 or 5 people that got off to hike this particular trail.  We outpaced a few and were passed up by a pair of runners leaving us with the trail to ourselves.

If you want to have Angel’s Landing to yourself, get out there early.  And believe me, you DO want Angel’s Landing to yourself.  It’s an amazing hike, especially once you reach the top.  The trail traverses the ridge of a giant sandstone spire out to a shear 1,500 foot drop.  If you can stomach the heights you can work your way along the thin trail and chains to the very edge where dozens of little rock cairns have been stacked by brave visitors testing their nerve.  Looking over the edge you can see the winding trail from the Virgin River below scrawling it’s way up to your right.

If you’ve got the nerve, and the ambition to get there early, you can have Angel’s Landing all to yourself and be up to the top and back down within an hour or so.  Don’t miss this one…


  1. I’ve never done Angel’s Landing despite the number of trips I’ve made to Zion. It’s on the sort list for next trip but I think it will have to be an early start as you did.

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