Angel’s Landing: A Hike to Remember

Angels Landing Hike

It all started with an early morning call from my boss.

“Pack your bags. You have an early flight tomorrow to Vegas.”

Vegas. For the summer. Sweet!

I was so excited, not by the gambling, but because I’d never hiked in that part of the country before. The first thing I did after hanging up was launch a search for places to go hiking.

It didn’t take long for me to remember Zion National Park was nearby. Although the Narrows were awfully tempting, with its water carved canyon walls and cool water, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that alone. So, I planned out a day hike up to Angel’s Landing.

The pictures I saw online were incredible. Seriously, check out all the stories here on ParksFolio and you’ll see what I mean! But I was mostly drawn by the challenge of walking along the edge of cliffs to reach the summit.

Angel’s Landing

When I hopped off the bus I was greeted by a doe munching nearby completely unconcerned that I was a mere 10 meters away. For the first time ever, I saw a fox in the wild. A little grey fox trotted by. Barely pausing when it glanced over at me. I thought, “Wow, is Zion the Galapagos of America?” The animals didn’t care at all that I stood there watching them and fumbling for my camera.

With two animal sightings within 30-seconds of departing the bus I knew this was going to be a great day.

I didn’t realize, until I got there, that the majority of the trail was paved but that was of little concern when the sun was lighting up the red canyon walls. The birds and bugs providing a familiar soundtrack to accompany my footsteps.

The real fun begins once the pavement ends and the golden sand begins with a nice big sign warning you not to be clumsy and fall off the cliff.

Once I arrived at the summit, I spent a lot of time relaxing there. Soaking up the scenery and laughing at the chipmunks running around scrounging (sometimes begging) for food.

The challenge and terrain of Angel’s Landing is different from what I’m used to, making this a hike I will always remember.

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