Yosemite Lodge: A fire to end an epic day of adventure

Fireplace at the Yosemite Lodge

It was the end of our second day in Yosemite National Park when my wife turned to me and said “We need a fire and a drink!”.  She was right.

Mountain air, particularly that crisp air that tells you fall is in full effect, signals to us that it’s time for fireplaces and the fall harvest. Yosemite must certainly have something to offer.

Well, it sure did and it was just steps from our room.

The Yosemite Lodge is really a great option for families. The Food Court is great for breakfast, and the Mountain Room Restaurant is adequate for dinner.

But for after-dinner drinks, or even a light bite in the evening, the Mountain Room Lounge was perfect for us.

There are a half dozen flat screens, all carrying the Monday Night Football game and a large Swedish style fireplace in the center of the room.

Though the air was crisp it seems we were a few days too early in the season for a fire but I’ve seen one of these fireplaces at the Lodge at Mt Charleston back home. And they really set a tone in the room.

We snagged a table, ordered a few appetizers – like the great salsa and chips – and the kids got amped for a hot chocolate. We ordered a bottle of wine and shared a glass as the boys found their way to our laps and signed off for the night in just a few minutes.

Great way to end the day!

We speculated on whether or not they would start a fire. It’s just want we needed from this Swedish style fireplace. The heat is cast throughout the room and the ambient light plays out a scene on the walls and windows.

If you’re visiting Yosemite National Park in the late fall or winter stop by the Mountain Room Lounge for a cocktail, appetizer, or even a hot chocolate. The kids will dig it and it provides a great venue for winding down the evening and planning your adventures for the next day.

Just know, that the lounge is open until midnight but under age children must be out by 10 pm.

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