The Magic That Is Denali National Park

A National Park That Is On Top Of The World

Denali National Park is near the top of the world, located slightly below the Arctic Circle. It is a 6 million acre Park about the size of the State of New Hampshire and home to Mt. McKinley (Denali), the highest point in North America. It has some of the most dramatically beautiful backpacking options in North America.

The extraordinary landscape has been carved by glaciers and is home to a small number of mammals that can adapt to the rigors of 8 months of winter with extreme temperatures and short days. The geology, fauna and flora will touch your soul. It touched mine so much that I came here for the summer in 2003 and it has been home ever since.

Moderators Note:

Jerri Roberts has contributed several stunning images from Denali National Park and is a strong voice in favor of visiting Denali.  Denali National Park and Mt. McKinley remain one of the most wild and ruggedly scenic of all our National Parks and must not be overlooked.  For information on how to visit this amazing Park, feel free to visit Jerri’s blog at

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