Glaciers Carve The Landscape in Denali

Glaciers in Denali National Park

Glaciers are a major geologic feature of Denali National Park covering 17% of the Park’s 6.2 million acre area or about 1,563 square miles. This photo was taken on a flight around Mt. McKinley (Denali) on Kantishna Air. These glaciers are coming from major ice fields around Denali.

No matter where you look while hiking in the Park, you will see vast U-shaped or V-shaped valleys carved by glaciers over millions of years. You can start hiking up the major river beds and eventually end up at the toe of a glacier. Find a safe place away from the toe, set up camp and observe and listen to glaciers as they creak and crack on their journey downhill gradually forming a river that we call a braided stream.

Have fun out there chasing ice.

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