How big is Half Dome in Yosemite? This big!

Half Dome in YosemiteWe walked just 50 feet from where we parked at Glacier Point when I saw Half Dome for the first time. Tater, my 5 year old fearless adventurer, had already begun the boulder problem that would become his focus for the next 20 minutes.

He climbed the rock like he owned it and began a long series of comical poses, many of which he informed us were various animals that lived the in the forest below. You know – lions, tigers, bears – all the indigenous species.

Glacier Point could go down as one of the favorite pull outs for anyone driving in Yosemite National Park. There are bathrooms, several in fact, and a snack shop that make this a favorite stop for families.

As Tater worked through the progression of poses we asked him how big he thought Half Dome really was. With a stretch of his arms he replied “It’s this big!” He was right.

Half Dome anchors the scene below and is complimented by Vernal and Nevada Falls. Clouds Rest and the Yosemite Valley scarred ever so slightly by the Park roads add a bit of context. But this is really Half Dome’s moment to shine I think.

The kids ripped all around the paved trails, carefully approached the railing at the edge but couldn’t muster the courage to look down. Of course, all of that became secondary when the spontaneous game of tag broke out between a rag tag bunch that didn’t need familiarity or even introductions to have fun.

We snapped many of our favorite shots here at Glacier Point. The stone structure at the high point of the area made for a few cool inside out shots. We peered over the edge identifying the various landmarks, bridges, and lodges that we saw below and then we wrangled the kids and made our way back to the car.

You can shoot Half Dome from a variety of angles but this one is the one I will remember most. Maybe it’s because from up here it looks “This big”!

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