Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

As a wilderness adventurer, I’m drawn to places off the beaten path. I enjoy the piece and quiet the wilderness offers. I enjoy standing atop a summit, all by myself, with the (incorrect) feeling that I was the first to conqueror the mountain. I enjoy leaving crowds, technology and cars behind as I explore the world as it was meant to be explored.

All of this makes Yellowstone National Park an unlikely destination for me.

I went in April, on the very day that the road opened up between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. In a few months, Yellowstone would be brimming with activity, but on this day it was just a few hearty adventurers that didn’t mind cool temperatures and a little snow.

My buddy and I made The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone the centerpiece of our Yellowstone adventure. Calling it the “Grand Canyon” of anything implies that it is a pretty remarkable place. And it is. We thoroughly explored both rims and braved the snow as far as we could into the canyon.

The world’s largest collection of geysers draw people from all over the world to Yellowstone. Seeing an Old Faithful eruption is on just about every bucket list, and Mammoth Hot Springs is a little tourist city right in the park. Meanwhile the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is exactly what the name implies, grand.


  1. Wilderness Dave says:

    I wonder if they’ll let you raft that? Looks like there may be some sweet whitewater!

    I guess I need to add this to the must-see list for Yellowstone. Never really knew this existed.

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