Pausing for Druid Arch

Druid Arch

I’m not a photographer. I’m not someone that makes a habit of stopping on the trail. I’m a hiker. I’m a hiker that doesn’t stop. The more I hike, the more miles I get in. The more miles I get in, the more I see. The more I see, the more I experience.

When I see something cool, I’ll take out my iPhone and snap a quick photo. Sometimes I stop to do this, sometimes I don’t. For some reason many of my photos end up blurry.

This all changed last March in Canyonlands National Park. I was midway through my first “long” hike of the year when I came upon Druid Arch. It was one of the most spectacular things I had ever come upon. For over an hour, I sat alone under the towering rock formation with absolutely no desire to be anywhere else. Given the chance, I would gladly still be sitting there now.

Moderator’s Note:

The Needles district of Canyonlands National Park has over 60 miles of interconnected primitive trails and allows backcountry backpacking/camping.  Druid Arch is in Elephant Canyon and can be accessed off of Elephant Hill Trailhead.  The round trip hike follows the Chesler Park access trail to Elephant Canyon and is 11 miles round-trip.

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