Sunset from Mesquite Springs Campground in Death Valley

Mesquite Springs Sunset in Death Valley

There are a lot of camping options in Death Valley National Park.  The main campground is at Furnace Creek near the visitor’s center and sees the majority of the RV and seasonal traffic.  Much of the backcountry is open for camping as long as you’re off the road a ways.  Then at the far north end of the park, away from the crowds (there aren’t really crowds in Death Valley) is Mesquite Springs Campground where I stayed during my visit to the park.

Death Valley is a driving park, everything is very spread out.  I had mapped out a 2 hour drive from Las Vegas to Death Valley not realizing it would be another HOUR of driving within the park to get to the campground.  I was meeting some very excellent folks who were already there and had chosen this campground based on past experience.  It turned out to be a great location.

Mid week in Fall, there were very few people in the campground and it was relatively quiet, except for the one guy who needed to run his generator off and on all day.  There is water available, restrooms, and firepits and picnic tables at each of the 30 campsites.

Best of all, the campground is nestled in a small valley that blocks much of the late afternoon sun.  You can enjoy the evening in shadow while the dropping sun washes light over the valley and paints the Grapevine Mountains in the east with warm colors.  On this particular night, the three of us had ended a lovely day of exploring and popped the tops on a few chilled brews.  The setting sun started playing with colors in the low clouds and I got out the camera to grab a few images.  I turned out shooting a ton of stuff, much of it showing off some really nice color.

Death Valley is ideal for sleeping under the stars and from my cot in the early morning, the sunrises were pretty phenomenal as well.  But that’s a different post…

Moderator’s Note:

Mesquite Springs Campground is a designated camping site with 30 individual sites for tents or RVs.  It is at the north end of the park at the end of Mesquite Springs Road.  Sites are available on a first-come-first-served basis and are $12 per night via a self-pay kiosk.


  1. Last Adventurer says:

    Nice shot! But, best NPS Campsite in the park is at Mahogany Flat. However, you’re going to really need to drive to and from it, which is a drawback.

    • Wilderness Dave says:

      Another time….I do want to get into the backcountry out there. DV was a great park and definitely worth a return trip…or 10!

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