Wrapping up the Big Giveaway

When we launched ParksFolio we hit the ground running with a pretty Big Giveaway full of sweet gear from our site sponsors.  Today is the FINAL day of the giveaway and soon it will be time to pick the winners (ends at midnight tonight, so last chance guys!!)  We have had an amazing first couple of months and we have to thank everyone for their support and participation in getting ParksFolio off the ground.  Our contributors have submitted some truly great stories and pictures from our National Parks and have already started inspiring others to visit these amazing places.  That’s what it’s all about really, inspiring others to travel and create their own unique Park experiences.


As the site develops and the collection grows, we hope for ParksFolio to become an inspirational resource for National Parks visitors.  Using the experiences of other travelers to help shape and mold your travel plans is key and ParksFolio offers more personal insight than a travel book.  Most of us are on a time crunch when we travel, usually getting no more than 24-48 hours to really explore what an individual park has to offer.  Using ParksFolio as a resource will help people make the most of their limited time in the park and maybe help them find something unique that they never would have known about otherwise.

We’re growing, quickly, and we are thankful to everyone who has helped that process.

But we have a Giveaway to wrap up, so make sure you get your last minute entries in and if you’ve been sitting on a potential story, now is the time to submit and get your entry points!

With the close of the giveaway, this week’s Weigh-In-Wednesday is simple: 

There’s a lot of gear to potentially win here from our site sponsors like Goal Zero, Camp Chef, Canyon Coolers, Peak Design and Rite in the Rain.  Which prize package are you crossing your fingers and hoping to win from our Big Launch Giveaway?


If (when) you win the big prize package, what is the first thing you’re going to do with it?  Where will you take it first?  


Our contributors have been such an amazing source of inspiration for all of us and I know I’ve definitely had some personal favorites among the stories and photos submitted in the last couple of months.  We’d like to know if you had any favorites, any stories that really resonated and made you think, “Wow! I really need to add that to my travel list!”  



  1. Any of the packs would be fantastic but I would love the solar or cooking the very besst. Hoping to be a winner- and hoping to see an announcement! Thanks for the chance.

  2. Who won the contest(s)? I may have missed those posts. YAY to whomever got the loot!

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