Evening in Glacier Meadows

Avalanche Lily filled meadow

It was a calm spring evening in the Olympic Mountains. Finishing up an early dinner, I decided to grab my camera and explore the Lateral Moraine of the Blue Glacier. Just a soft breeze blew through the area, as the light dissipated out of the Hoh River drainage. The sounds of spring in the creeks and an occasional Olympic Marmot could be heard in the distance. Such a peaceful place, perfect for deep meditation. One can find themselves quickly by the purity of wilderness.

I found myself wandering to a high point in the rocks, having a seat; letting the mind just drift into a state where every little detail is interesting, but none of the rest of the world matters. Just that moment, right there, right now. I find my best ideas while daydreaming in wilderness. Maybe its easier for my mind to function when the surroundings are so simple and inspiring.

There was not that much light left in the day, so I decided to head back to my camp. The wildflower filled meadows slowed the trip back to a stop. Snapping a dozen photos of the Avalanche Lily. I find the location they grow interesting, only sprouting after the spring snow leaves an area. They appear to like sunlight, judging by the sprouting locations, they also generally keep their backs to the sun. I am no flower expert, but intrigued to know more after the experience I had on this evening spent with the mountain.

I made it back to camp before dark and crawled into my sleeping bag, letting my mind slow to a stop and end the day. The memory of that evening with the glacier meadow will not fade away, but forever be cherished as a special moment of peace. Relived for comfort during days of grey.


  1. Wilderness Dave says:

    I found similar flowers in a meadow near the top of Mount Graham here in Arizona. They got pretty beat up by a rain/hail storm before I could get pictures. This is a really cool shot, Jake. Love the scene…seems unimaginably peaceful.

  2. I’ve only seen blooms like this in the Big Horns. It’s amazing when you have the space to yourself. Doesn’t really get much better. Nice shot Jake.

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