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Everglades National Park: Awakening the Explorer Within

Tomorrow morning, I'll be kayaking for the first time. It's the second step in my journey to kayak and camp Everglades back country. I took the first step, in December 2013, when I drove through the gates of Everglades National Park with my sons. It … [Read more...]

Who’s afraid of the big, bad…um…sandhill crane?

Firstly, let me apologize for the quality of these images. I had no intention of doing any photography on that hot, bright Yellowstone afternoon. When my fiancee Jill and I camp in Yellowstone, we usually have very early mornings and very late … [Read more...]

Aliens in Glacier National Park?

This photo experience was so freaky. I mean just look at them. Scariest things ON EARTH! I’m kidding, these bighorn sheep are not so scary at all, and are such gentle and shy creatures. For the most part. In this experience, I found them quite … [Read more...]

Death Valley Volcanic Explosion

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Death Valley; The Inexplicable

Let’s face it. Death Valley is weird. Its diversity and appeal is wholly based on its strangeness. Here one finds the lowest piece of dry land within the continent that’s within eyeshot of the highest peak in the continental United States. Within a … [Read more...]

Ubehebe Crater at Death Valley

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The Everglades: Where Wonders Only Whisper

I grew up on the outskirts of Everglades National Park yet I've struggled to love this place like I love the mountains. From a scientific standpoint, I've always understood the importance of the Everglades and been amazed by the diversity and … [Read more...]

Sunset in Big Bend National Park

Many days into our NJ to CA road trip, we made the long, little-inhabited drive to Big Bend National Park. We had hoped to spend 5 or 6 days exploring the park but bad weather threatened our stay. The Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive seemed like a great way … [Read more...]