Sunset in Big Bend National Park

Sunny Sotol Sight

Many days into our NJ to CA road trip, we made the long, little-inhabited drive to Big Bend National Park. We had hoped to spend 5 or 6 days exploring the park but bad weather threatened our stay. The Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive seemed like a great way to gain perspective on the park. The drive really paid off. A long, long day on the road took us to the gorgeous Santa Elena Canyon, Tuff Canyon, Castolon Historic Compound, Sam Neill Ranch. At the end of the long, 90 degree day, the weather began to plummet and the clouds set in for the coming ice storm. We desperately sought out a vista for sunset and happened upon Sotol Vista.

The sunset seen above lit up the mountains behind us in a spectacular way. We nearly gave ourselves whiplash trying to look back and forth at all the color! Even after the sunset languished and the clouds continued to close in, the legendary dark skies provided a brilliant show of constellations, the Milky Way, and shooting stars galore.

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