Aliens in Glacier National Park?

Bighorn Sheep

This photo experience was so freaky. I mean just look at them. Scariest things ON EARTH!

I’m kidding, these bighorn sheep are not so scary at all, and are such gentle and shy creatures. For the most part.

In this experience, I found them quite frightful. But the kind of goosenibblies (is that a word?) you get from discussions of the paranormal.

Here my fiancee and I were – 6 am on a VERY foggy morning near Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. We were sitting in a pull-off on the Going to the Sun road, planning out what we were going to photograph that morning. I was sipping my coffee, sitting on a large rock barrier right beside this dense forest. And the fog was wrapped all around us. A very silent and slightly eerie setting to begin with.

Then, all of a sudden, we hear these small crunches in the trees, and see not one, but two, then three, then 5, 6, 7…at least 12 of these bighorns silently gliding (I swear they were just floating in there) toward us.

Imagine 12 of them all coming toward you, silently, with those XX mouths. Made me shiver. But also made me run back for my camera.

The group ended up silently gliding to our right and out into the fog again. Never to be seen. Again. And later that day, there were reports of strange lights atop the pass…


You must admit, they kind of look like aliens, don’t they?

– Jill from

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