Everyone loves the National Parks.  The Parks represent the very best of our natural wonders.  Many are fortunate enough to visit one or more of the Parks each year.  These are their stories.

What is ParksFolio?

ParksFolio collects and shares your best experiences from the National Parks.  Your experiences are told through images and short stories.  Anyone can search our growing archives of stories and photos for inspiration or to plan their next National Parks trip.

How is the site organized?

Stories are organized by Park when submitted.  Additionally, each story is also sub-categorized by interest or topic such as lodges, campgrounds, hikes, scenery, and wildlife.

How does it work?

ParksFolio is powered by the awesome experiences submitted by people just like you.  Share the story of your favorite National Parks experience or upload a killer image that says it all.

How do I submit a story?

Easy.  Just start by clicking here.  We’ll walk you through the process.

Why submit a story?

It’s a great way to tell your National Parks stories and show off your best photos. Contributors will have their author box at the bottom of each story as well as an author archive page where readers can access all of the submissions from that author.  Their author box will contain links to your website and social profiles which is a great way to introduce our community to your personal blog and connect with each other beyond ParksFolio.

What should I write about?

We’re looking for National Parks stories that give readers the desire to follow in your footsteps.  Tell the story about your favorite hikes, the history or special points of interest, your encounters with Park wildlife, your favorite sunset spot, the best lunch or dinner spot, or the best shots of your favorite lodge.  Start with a great photo and then share the story behind it.

What happens when I submit a story?

Once you click submit, your story is queued for review by a member of the ParksFolio team.  We will review the story for typos and check to see if it is categorized properly.  If it’s ready to go we’ll publish it.  If not, we’ll reach out to you by email to communicate the steps that you need to take to make it ready for publishing.

Where can I see all my stories?

Every story your write can be accessed on your author dashboard once you login.  Your published stories can also be seen on your author archive page.  You can find your author page on our sitemap or by typing the address into your browser like this: http://www.trailsherpa.com/parksfolio/author/your-username/

What do I do after my story is published?

The first thing you should do is share the story with all of your friends.  We’ll do the same.  The more people that see your story the better the conversation will be in the comments.