The Best Day Hike in Joshua Tree National Park

After reading a few reviews of what was described as “The Best Day Hike” in Joshua Tree National Park, it was decided that this trail would be perfect for my annual birthday trip to the park. The reviews of this loop hike declaring it to be the best, … [Read more...]

Crater Lake – Sometimes looking is enough

It’s not easy for a hiker during winter at Crater Lake National Park. Depending on conditions, you can’t access much by hiking boots alone from October through May. Rim Village facilities, including the visitor center and lodge, are closed during … [Read more...]

Joshua Tree National Park: The Ghosts of Lost Horse Mine

Given the right frame of mind, one can feel the presence of ghosts in Joshua Tree National Park. The evidence of past, some very distant, human activity is easily found throughout the park. Early Native American petroglyphs, pictographs and ancient … [Read more...]

Emerald Pools: Zion National Park – Elusive Solitude

Given the opportunity, I will sit with you and explain, at length, why I love Zion National Park above all others. Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Sequoia and Arches are all incredibly beautiful, wild and wonderful. I love them with a deep abiding passion. … [Read more...]

Remnants of Giants: Joshua Tree National Park

In terms of landscape and natural wonders, Joshua Tree National Park is difficult to describe. The tree for which the park is named appears to have been designed by Tim Burton, in one of his more fanciful, whimsical moods. At once delightful and … [Read more...]

Twisted River: Cuyahoga Valley National Park

One of the most diverse National Parks, Cuyahoga Valley National Park offers something for everyone. An amalgam of cultural, historical and natural splendors, the park follows the meandering and twisting path of the Cuyahoga River. “Cuyahoga” … [Read more...]