Do structures belong in the National Parks?

In a recent contribution to Parks Folio I posted a picture of the famous Watchtower structure at Grand Canyon National Park near Desert View.  The building itself is pretty cool and the story about architect Mary Colter and the construction of the … [Read more...]

12 Things NOT to do in the National Parks

Our National Parks are a travel destination for people from all over the world.  They are home to some of the most amazing and unique natural environments our country has to offer.  They are a national showcase and we should be proud to show them … [Read more...]

Photography Tips for shooting in Grand Canyon National Park

I just returned from a nice trip to Grand Canyon National Park to shoot the Summer storms.  My wife and I spent 4 days in the park chasing rains, clouds and sunsets around the east end of the South Rim.  We managed to come back with a collection of … [Read more...]

3 tips to get great shots in Grand Teton National Park

This may not be greatest shot ever taken along the Snake River in the Grand Teton National Park but it does represent a victory for point-and-shoot photogs like me. Light blue skies and tons of white snow accents make it hard for novices like myself … [Read more...]