Kaweah River: Sequoia National Park Foothills

Sequoia National Park is often referred to as Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park due to the two park’s proximity to each other. Sequoia represents five separate regions, defined by terrain, animal and plant life which include; Foothills, Giant … [Read more...]

The Best Day Hike in Joshua Tree National Park

After reading a few reviews of what was described as “The Best Day Hike” in Joshua Tree National Park, it was decided that this trail would be perfect for my annual birthday trip to the park. The reviews of this loop hike declaring it to be the best, … [Read more...]

Summerland is the quintessential Mount Rainier experience

Summerland, with its lingering snowpack, wide open vistas, and gorgeous camp sites is exactly what I always thought the Mount Rainier backcountry should be like. It's a short, but steep four mile hike along the Wonderland Trail to reach it. Along the … [Read more...]

Finding My Footing in Bryce Canyon

My friends and I like to go on adventures, and the Fall after my back surgery three years ago was no different. When they proposed going hiking in Arches, Bryce and Zion National Parks, I was a bit hesitant, but “Sure, OK” is the answer that came … [Read more...]

Devils Tower – Hiking the Tower Trail

It was a totally unplanned trip to Devils Tower from the homestead in north central Wyoming. You know how those trips come about. Third cup of coffee. Someone hatches a bright idea. And when you're on vacation there's very little if anything that … [Read more...]

Land’s End – Angel’s Landing at Zion National Park

When I mentioned I was going to be visiting Zion National Park for the first time, nearly everyone said "You HAVE to hike Angel's Landing".  When enough people had recommended it I did a quick online search and found pictures of the trail.  Awesome! … [Read more...]

Joshua Tree National Park: The Ghosts of Lost Horse Mine

Given the right frame of mind, one can feel the presence of ghosts in Joshua Tree National Park. The evidence of past, some very distant, human activity is easily found throughout the park. Early Native American petroglyphs, pictographs and ancient … [Read more...]

Emerald Pools: Zion National Park – Elusive Solitude

Given the opportunity, I will sit with you and explain, at length, why I love Zion National Park above all others. Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Sequoia and Arches are all incredibly beautiful, wild and wonderful. I love them with a deep abiding passion. … [Read more...]

Lunch with a View – Zion National Park

I had one day in Zion National Park to make the most out of my time. My buddy and I put in close to 15 miles hitting all the major trails in the main section of the park. We'd been up since before dawn and putting in the miles to see as much as … [Read more...]

The Cables of Half Dome at Yosemite National Park

If you have ever been to Yosemite National Park, then you have no doubt marveled at the massive granite rock that sticks out in the distance known as Half Dome. For many people marveling is all that they do and honestly that is good enough; but if … [Read more...]