Danger at Landscape Arch

One of the coolest thing about the Arch formations at Arches National Park is the accessibility.  For the most part, the trail takes you right up to, or through, the arch and allows you to really interact with the formations.  There is something … [Read more...]

A Lake Crescent Morning

With a last minute whim, I would jump on the bus with my bicycle and head to a popular summer day hiking destination on the northern border of the Olympic National Park. Having the bus drop me off on the north side of the Lake Crescent, just off … [Read more...]

The Allure of the Tetons

Flying in to the Jackson Hole valley can be best described as sensory overload. You are above the clouds and then as you descend you see this jagged granite peaks soaring thousands of feet above the flat land below you. The plane seems to tilt to … [Read more...]

How big is Half Dome in Yosemite? This big!

We walked just 50 feet from where we parked at Glacier Point when I saw Half Dome for the first time. Tater, my 5 year old fearless adventurer, had already begun the boulder problem that would become his focus for the next 20 minutes. He climbed the … [Read more...]

Awed by Arches

As a flatlander from Philadelphia, where the steepest thing probably is a sidewalk curb, I was quite unprepared for the amazing rock formations in Arches National Park near Moab, Utah. These sandstone monoliths just seem to spring out of nowhere, … [Read more...]

Fall in Arches National Park

Fall color is amazing and is one thing that will get photographers out of their cozy beds and into the frosty pre-dawn mornings this time of year.  When I think of Fall color I think of places like Acadia National Park or Great Smoky Mountain NP, … [Read more...]

Wildflowers Draw You to The Mountain Tops

From mid-June to mid-July, wildflowers are quite abundant at Denali National Park. These flowers are very small and require you to get on your hands and knees to view them and appreciate their beauty. This is Purple Mountain Saxifrage. It appears in … [Read more...]

Glaciers Carve The Landscape in Denali

Glaciers are a major geologic feature of Denali National Park covering 17% of the Park's 6.2 million acre area or about 1,563 square miles. This photo was taken on a flight around Mt. McKinley (Denali) on Kantishna Air. These glaciers are coming from … [Read more...]

22 Years Ago At Volcanoes National Park

People are always writing about their most recent trip wherever. We are no different and have several stories at our blog about our 2013 trip to the Big Island of Hawaii and Volcanoes National Park. What is awesome about the Big Island and Volcanoes … [Read more...]

Not seeing the Lava Flow at Hawaii Volcanoes NP

The park was closed. For our first anniversary, my wife and I flew all the way to Hawaii for a week to check out Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and see the active lava flow. I was SUPER excited about getting some amazing photography of the lava … [Read more...]