Yosemite Valley on foot

Yosemite Valley offers two distinct types of experiences for visitors exploring the Park on foot. There are countless hikes in the moderate to strenuous category that make for an unbelievable trip for experienced hikers and backpackers. But we … [Read more...]

Sunrise at Temple of the Virgins

This story begins in November of 2012, when a fellow photographer and great friend indicated he was going to be doing a camping trip in April of 2013 in a variety of locations in southern Utah. Over time, it came to be that we would meet up for five … [Read more...]

Tunnel View in Yosemite

I've seen this tunnel view in Yosemite a million times online. I would think about how impressive it looked. But I never realized until I approached the pony wall in person that not a single picture I had seen really does this view justice. From the … [Read more...]

Grand Prismatic Spring – A ridge scramble for a view of a lifetime

While visiting Yellowstone National Park with another family, we decided to see the Grand Prismatic Spring, but not from the boardwalk that is adjacent to it. I had seen a lot of pictures online and most of them were too close to really experience … [Read more...]

Kaweah River: Sequoia National Park Foothills

Sequoia National Park is often referred to as Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park due to the two park’s proximity to each other. Sequoia represents five separate regions, defined by terrain, animal and plant life which include; Foothills, Giant … [Read more...]

Waiting out the crowds at Grandview Point…

July is a great time to visit Grand Canyon National Park if you're looking for those stunning and dramatic Summer storms rolling over the immense canyon.  However, July is probably the worst time to visit if you want to avoid crowds. My wife and I … [Read more...]

The Best Day Hike in Joshua Tree National Park

After reading a few reviews of what was described as “The Best Day Hike” in Joshua Tree National Park, it was decided that this trail would be perfect for my annual birthday trip to the park. The reviews of this loop hike declaring it to be the best, … [Read more...]

The Hidden Saline Pools of the Devil’s Golf Course

There are places on Earth where the boundary between what is real and what is not real disappears. Nowhere is this more evident than Death Valley. The terrain in the park ranges from standard desert dunes to phantasmagorical displays of geologic … [Read more...]

Breaking Storm in Joshua Tree National Park

The summer months in Joshua Tree National Park can be brutal. The soaring temperatures are enough to scare away even the most dedicated national park enthusiasts. But there is one saving grace for the intrepid traveler: the summer storm. With … [Read more...]

Finding My Footing in Bryce Canyon

My friends and I like to go on adventures, and the Fall after my back surgery three years ago was no different. When they proposed going hiking in Arches, Bryce and Zion National Parks, I was a bit hesitant, but “Sure, OK” is the answer that came … [Read more...]