The view from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park

Ever been to Acadia National Park or stood atop Cadillac Mountain?  It's truly an amazing Park and the town of Bar Harbor instantly made my short list of favorite towns. We began our trip in central Pennsylvania heading northeast stopping in Salem … [Read more...]

Shoshone Point at Grand Canyon National Park

We got the inside scoop on Shoshone Point from one of the Park Rangers at Grand Canyon National Park.  He had suggested it after we had mentioned we were looking for easy hikes due to my injured foot.  He had said it was a flat, easy trail only about … [Read more...]

Hunting Saguaro Blooms in Saguaro National Park

This year was a big year for cactus flowers in the southwest.  All around Phoenix the cholla and prickly pear were bright with colorful blooms because of the seasonal rains.  Saguaros bloom later in the Spring than most of the smaller cacti, so as we … [Read more...]