Monumental Mt. Rushmore

(Parks Folio usually will not approve posts that are not about a National Park or National Monument.  In light of the shutdown of the entire National Park Service and today's reopening of Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, we are allowing this … [Read more...]

Devils Tower – Hiking the Tower Trail

It was a totally unplanned trip to Devils Tower from the homestead in north central Wyoming. You know how those trips come about. Third cup of coffee. Someone hatches a bright idea. And when you're on vacation there's very little if anything that … [Read more...]

Tonto National Monument

I am Jabon of Jabon Eagar Photography and I specialize in portrait and landscape photography. When I get the exploring bug, my compass is usually pointing towards some lost in time Indian Ruin or some rugged landscape too difficult to simply step out … [Read more...]