Finding Appreciation and Perspective among Ancient Rock Art

It had been a long day and it was far from over. Business had brought me to Phoenix the week prior and that week had taken its toll. Staying an extra day to take in Saguaro NP while in the area would prove to restorative, but the Bajada Wash - Valley … [Read more...]

Angel’s Landing: A Hike to Remember

It all started with an early morning call from my boss. "Pack your bags. You have an early flight tomorrow to Vegas." Vegas. For the summer. Sweet! I was so excited, not by the gambling, but because I'd never hiked in that part of the country … [Read more...]

Remnants of Giants: Joshua Tree National Park

In terms of landscape and natural wonders, Joshua Tree National Park is difficult to describe. The tree for which the park is named appears to have been designed by Tim Burton, in one of his more fanciful, whimsical moods. At once delightful and … [Read more...]