A Presidential View

Perched above Hot Springs National Park is the 216 foot tall Hot Springs Mountain Tower. The tower overlooks the city of Hot Springs, Hot Springs National Park, and the Ouachita Mountains. The tower is the latest in a succession of towers built on … [Read more...]

Most Adventurous Tour at Mesa Verde

When deciding which tour my wife and I would go on during our visit to Mesa Verde National Park, we were sold on the Balcony House tour, thanks to the "Most Adventurous" tagline that accompanied it. I'm not sure how the Balcony House tour compares … [Read more...]

History at Hawaii Volcanoes

On December 7, 1941, the United States was attacked in Hawaii by a Japanese air raid. In the years that followed, the shores of Hawaii were used as military training grounds for a possible invasion of Japan by American troops. When hiking the rocky … [Read more...]

Do structures belong in the National Parks?

In a recent contribution to Parks Folio I posted a picture of the famous Watchtower structure at Grand Canyon National Park near Desert View.  The building itself is pretty cool and the story about architect Mary Colter and the construction of the … [Read more...]

Fort Jefferson Dry Tortugas

Visiting the Dry Tortugas gives you the feeling going back in time and of being a pirate in the 1800's. Traveling across the open ocean, no land in sight for hours, then out of nowhere a speck appears on the horizon. As you approach it gets larger … [Read more...]

Twisted River: Cuyahoga Valley National Park

One of the most diverse National Parks, Cuyahoga Valley National Park offers something for everyone. An amalgam of cultural, historical and natural splendors, the park follows the meandering and twisting path of the Cuyahoga River. “Cuyahoga” … [Read more...]