The Best Day Hike in Joshua Tree National Park

After reading a few reviews of what was described as “The Best Day Hike” in Joshua Tree National Park, it was decided that this trail would be perfect for my annual birthday trip to the park. The reviews of this loop hike declaring it to be the best, … [Read more...]

Breaking Storm in Joshua Tree National Park

The summer months in Joshua Tree National Park can be brutal. The soaring temperatures are enough to scare away even the most dedicated national park enthusiasts. But there is one saving grace for the intrepid traveler: the summer storm. With … [Read more...]

Hanging in Joshua Tree National Park

[Read more...]

An Unexpected Encounter in Joshua Tree

After ten days of climbing and camping in Joshua Tree National Park, I was quite satisfied with my desert experience. I was treated to an incredible snow day, nearly broke my ankle on a climb, listened to coyotes howl through the night, and slept … [Read more...]

Remnants of Giants: Joshua Tree National Park

In terms of landscape and natural wonders, Joshua Tree National Park is difficult to describe. The tree for which the park is named appears to have been designed by Tim Burton, in one of his more fanciful, whimsical moods. At once delightful and … [Read more...]