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Beavers have been creating wetlands for thousands of years. Here in Denali National Park, I have been observing Beavers at Horseshoe Lake for several years. The beavers have grown comfortable with me as I observe them scrambling to get their bank … [Read more...]

Glaciers Carve The Landscape in Denali

Glaciers are a major geologic feature of Denali National Park covering 17% of the Park's 6.2 million acre area or about 1,563 square miles. This photo was taken on a flight around Mt. McKinley (Denali) on Kantishna Air. These glaciers are coming from … [Read more...]

Caribou – Denali National Park

  Caribou live in extreme northerly latitudes.  These caribou are roaming on the open tundra in Denali National Park in the Fall. … [Read more...]

Fall in Denali National Park

  Fall is different in the Subarctic.  The tundra has the same colors as you see on deciduous trees.  Here on the tundra, the same pigments are visible on the low-lying plants of the tundra. … [Read more...]

The Magic That Is Denali National Park

Denali National Park is near the top of the world, located slightly below the Arctic Circle. It is a 6 million acre Park about the size of the State of New Hampshire and home to Mt. McKinley (Denali), the highest point in North America. It has some … [Read more...]

Sled Dog Kennels in Denali National Park

  Denali National Park is the only United States National Park and has a Sled Dog Kennel.  These dogs, beginning in 1921, patrolled the periphery of the Park to discourage poaching of wildlife.  Today, the dogs have different missions.  They … [Read more...]