Another sunset, and finally an agreement to reopen the NPS!

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How do you choose which National Park to visit?

There are now over 400 NPS protected and serviced properties including 59 National Parks in the US.  From east coast to west coast, from Florida to Alaska and everywhere in between there are National Parks that have their own unique personality and … [Read more...]

Hallowed Ground – The Closure of our National Parks

In an interesting coincidence of timing, Tim and I both happened to be in the process of visiting National Parks in different parts of the country when the Government Shutdown forced the closure of our National Park Service properties.  Our initial … [Read more...]

Donations to the NPS allow a handful of parks to re-open

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Despite the shutdown, park partners provide virtual visits from coast to coast.

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Seven days into a government shutdown, national parks are closed, and park web camera feeds are blocked

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This park CLOSED due to Government Shutdown…

As of Tuesday, October first, the Government Shutdown left all National Parks closed to the public.  This meant those of us planning trips into the parks would be turned away, and those already staying in the parks would be forced out.  This meant … [Read more...]

Angel’s Landing: A Hike to Remember

It all started with an early morning call from my boss. "Pack your bags. You have an early flight tomorrow to Vegas." Vegas. For the summer. Sweet! I was so excited, not by the gambling, but because I'd never hiked in that part of the country … [Read more...]

Do structures belong in the National Parks?

In a recent contribution to Parks Folio I posted a picture of the famous Watchtower structure at Grand Canyon National Park near Desert View.  The building itself is pretty cool and the story about architect Mary Colter and the construction of the … [Read more...]

Breaking Storm in Joshua Tree National Park

The summer months in Joshua Tree National Park can be brutal. The soaring temperatures are enough to scare away even the most dedicated national park enthusiasts. But there is one saving grace for the intrepid traveler: the summer storm. With … [Read more...]