How (not) to shoot a buffalo

When it comes to buffalo, I am a bit of a novice. My previous experience was limited to a "sighting" outside Manhattan, Kansas, where the buffalo that became visible just before dawn turned out to be metal cutouts. Knowing this, my friends cautioned … [Read more...]

The Allure of the Tetons

Flying in to the Jackson Hole valley can be best described as sensory overload. You are above the clouds and then as you descend you see this jagged granite peaks soaring thousands of feet above the flat land below you. The plane seems to tilt to … [Read more...]

Blondielocks and the Three Bears

We saw a mass of cars filling a parking lot near the petrified tree. Previously, where there were cars big critters were making an appearance. Parking the car near a National Park film crew van we made our way down a wooded path getting excited for … [Read more...]

Grand Prismatic Spring – A ridge scramble for a view of a lifetime

While visiting Yellowstone National Park with another family, we decided to see the Grand Prismatic Spring, but not from the boardwalk that is adjacent to it. I had seen a lot of pictures online and most of them were too close to really experience … [Read more...]

Yellowstone National Park’s Old Faithful Inn

With Old Faithful as the backdrop, Yellowstone National Park’s Old Faithful Inn is an awesome place to stay. It’s an easy walk from the Inn to all of the geysers in this geyser basin, including Old Faithful. Bison are a part of the geyser basin … [Read more...]