“My Zion” ~ A Poem

The reasons are many and personal, but Zion National Park is my favorite of the many parks I have visited. Its beauty is well known and though I have walked many of its trails, there seems to always be something new to discover. It is there that I … [Read more...]

The Narrows can make you feel small

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Sunrise at Temple of the Virgins

This story begins in November of 2012, when a fellow photographer and great friend indicated he was going to be doing a camping trip in April of 2013 in a variety of locations in southern Utah. Over time, it came to be that we would meet up for five … [Read more...]

October colors in The Narrows

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Natural Arch in The Narrows – Zion National Park

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Angel’s Landing: A Hike to Remember

It all started with an early morning call from my boss. "Pack your bags. You have an early flight tomorrow to Vegas." Vegas. For the summer. Sweet! I was so excited, not by the gambling, but because I'd never hiked in that part of the country … [Read more...]

Falls Foliage in The Narrows of Zion National Park

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Waterfall in The Narrows – Zion National Park

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National Parks vs Mother Nature

Our National Parks are constantly changing so how do we handle that? As the wildfire crossed into Yosemite National Park proper, I found myself conflicted by the classic battle between an innate desire to protect the National Park yet still respect … [Read more...]

Into the light, The Narrows; Zion NP

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